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This spring break competitive fencing camp is specialized for Elite /Advanced foil fencers.  Fencers who have already achieved a significant level of proficiency in the sport. Key elements including:


1. High-Level Coaching: Personalized training, tactical advice, and technical refinement.

2. Advanced Training Regimes: Advanced techniques, strategies, and intensive footwork. Including drills to improve reaction time, agility, and precision.

3. Bout Analysis and Strategy Development.

4. Physical Conditioning: Dedicated fencing physical conditioning, such as strength training, flexibility exercises, and endurance building.

5. Mental Training: Mental toughness, focus, and psychological strategies for competition.

6. Sparring Sessions


Camp Schedule:

Monday To Friday (3/25/2024- 3/29/2024)


Space is limited.


$498 for AIC Members, or $125 per day.  $598 for non AIC Members. Sibling discount 25% 

Special invitation for Foil fencers with "A" or "B" rating. Contact your friend at AIC Fencing and  join the camp. Both you and your AIC Friend receive 25% off for the camp. Please email to"" to get your promo code. 


Location of training: AIC Fencing Club

@ 1333 Shepard Dr, #G, Sterling, VA 20164


AIC Elite Spring Break Camp

  • AIC FENCING reserves the right to cancel classes if there is not enough signups. If classes are cancelled, anyone who has already paid for the class  will have their money refunded in full. In addition, activities on a particular day may be cancelled due to inclement weather, illness, or other unexpected circumstances.  If a class is cancelled, the current session will be extended to make up for the cancellation.

    If you are needing to cancel a registration, for any reason we will refund you in full all the way up until 30 calendar days prior to the start date of the camp.

    If canceled 15 days or less prior to the start of the camp, you will be refunded 50% of the total fees.

    No refunds will be issued after the start of a camp.

  • ** Liability waiver - Upon entering this camp, you agree to abide by the current Rules of USA Fencing and other applicable rules instituted by AIC Fencing. You acknowledge you are entering this camp at your own risk and release USA Fencing and its sponsors, AIC Fencing, coaches, and staff from any liability. With entry you give consent to AIC Fencing to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities. **

    The fencing floor is restricted to fencers only. Non-participants must stay in the observation area.Fencing weapon must be carried with points down or in a fencing bag. Mask, glove, fencing jacket, knickers, plastron, breast plate and athletic shoes must be worn when fencing. Any illness, injury, or medical problems must be reported to the instructor before class begins or immediately upon occurrence. Rough lay or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.
    Instructions and directions of coach(es) and AIC staff must be followed at all times. The highest standards of sportsmanship and proper conduct are encouraged and expected.


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