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Meet the Team

Coach Huang

Huang has been a professional foil fencer at a high level in China for more than 14 years before he moves to US. At the height of his athletic career, he was ranked first in the men’s foil National ranking for five years. He was member of the China Foil National Team of Fencing, representing team of China for the World Cup 2017. Aside from the individual gold medal at the 2017 China National Games, he is a team gold medalist at the 2015 China National Championships and a team silver medalist at the same event in 2016, and the overall national Cup winner for consecutive seasons 2015-2017. He has won multiple titles in individual and team events and was four times China Champion. In recognition of his athletic success, he was in 2015 awarded the Best National Athlete of the People’s Republic of China - the highest award for a sportsperson in China.

Coach Ahmed_edited.jpg

Coach Ahmed Hassanin Mohamed has national and international experience as a foilist, coach and referee. He is an Olympian, competing in the Seoul Summer Olympic game, South Korea 1988. He has been a FIE certified foil referee since 1999. Coach Ahmed was a member of the Egyptian Senior National team for 12 years. He has retired from competitive fencing and has been coaching since 1988.

Coach Ahmed 
Our Team: TeamMember

Susanna Napoli has over 23 years of experience in fencing. She is a former member of the Italian Foil National Team and has achieved remarkable milestones throughout her career. She proudly holds the title of national champion twice. Additionally, Susanna has competed in numerous World Cup Junior and Senior events, as well as U17 World Championships.

Susanna's journey has been shaped by her training under Olympic champions and world-renowned foil coaches at Club Scherma Jesi. Her dedication to the sport led her to embark on a coaching career, initially starting in Jesi. However, she later transitioned to Milan and continued her coaching endeavors at Accademia Scherma Gallaratese, and now at AIC.

Coach Susanna

Haneen Amro has over 14 years of experience as a fencer and a coach at The Palestinian Fencing Federation. She participated in many national and international competitions as an athlete, and trained fencing team as a coach for over two years.

Haneen participated in several national competitions with winning the first place in most of them

Coach Haneen 
Jonny Yu 2.jpg

Jonathan Yu is a USA rated fencing referee, and "B" rated foil fencer. Fencing from an early age, he competed in various tournaments and is a rising freshman at Cleveland state University a Division 1 NCAA fencing school. He was named " First Team High School All American Foil" in year 2020. Getting back into the season to fence he’s decided to join the AIC team, to help young fencers to improve their skills by providing fun and engaging classes and camps.

Part time assistant coach/trainer

Our Assistant Director Jeffrey Gu is a highly rated foil fencer. Not only was he able to advance himself one rating up every year, he is also providing guidance and has been a leader in the AIC Fencing Club, as well as in the Virginia Fencing community. Jeffrey is known for his sportsmanship and is well-respected in our club. He is always helping other younger fencers and encouraging his teammates. He took the initiative to create a new school fencing team for Basis Independent McLean. As fundraising coordinator, Jeffrey is organizing a fundraiser campaign for SOME (So Others Might Eat) – the organization for homelessness in the DC area, and the “Campaign for Community event” to support the Virginia Hospital Center Foundation.

Part time Assistant Coach
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